Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Playing in the Snow

A few times this summer, Easton would ask me "When will there be snow on the ground?" so of course when he woke up on September 29 (yes, that early in the year) and saw snow sticking to the ground outside he just had to play. They both stayed out there a lot longer than I thought they would and loved every minute.

Our Super Cute Baby

These are some of my most favorite pictures of Peyton, so of course I have show them. These were from the day he was blessed.

Peyton's Bath Picture

The little baby bathtub we had broke with Cole (not that he broke it himself, but when I was trying to take it out of the regular bathtub after one of his baths, the suction cups were doing their job and I was getting frustrated that it wouldn't come out, so I just pulled really hard and only part of the tub came out). Anyways, so Peyton takes baths in the big tub so I obviously have to hold him the entire time and I just realized I don't have any embarrassing baby bath pictures like I got of both older boys. So this is the best I could do.

Easton turns 4!!

I can't believe Easton is 4 years old!! He had a very fun day, starting off with blowing out just one candle for practice with his breakfast. Then he had some friends come over and played outside in the sprinklers and little pool. We then ended the day going to Chili's for dinner, his choice. In fact a couple months before his birthday he asked me "What is that place?", pointing to Chili's and after I told him he asked if we could go there now. When I told him not now but he could choose it for his birthday dinner, he got very excited and every time we drove by he would inform me, "Remember we are going to Chili's for my birthday."

Cole loves Peyton

Cole is always asking if he can hold Peyton. And if Peyton happens to be busy at the moment (sleeping or eating) and I have to tell him "not now", Cole gets so sad and says "Ahhh... but I love Peyton." And we really can tell that he does love him.

Davis County Fair

This fair was a while ago (August 15 to be exact), but I'm just learning how to do this, so I'm trying to get in some practice. We definitely had a lot of fun here. The boys were at first terrified to go down the bouncy slide, but of course once they went down once we couldn't get them off. Eventually they tried other rides and then the only thing that would get them off of those was food. And of course, Peyton was a perfect angel, even at 1 month old.