Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making Gingerbread Houses

I bought Gingerbread House kits (yes, the lazy way, but WAY less stressful than making the gingerbread myself) and the boys were super excited to make them. They kept asking me from the moment they woke up, "Can we make our houses now?" I kept telling them we had to wait for dad to come home. The minute they heard the garage door open, they started yelling "We get to make our houses now! We get to make our houses now!" And when Seth walked through the door they said "Come on dad. We're making houses now. Come on!!" Then I had to be so mean and make them eat dinner first, which of course they didn't eat much of. And just as expected, they had a lot of fun making them.

Finished Gingerbread Houses

Cole's has the sprinkle-filled path to the front door. And Easton's is the one with the gum drops lining the path (obviously).

Smart Boys

One day Easton walked up to me and said "Mom, I know how to write a hundred." I was curious as to what he was going to show me and where he learned this. I asked him how and he said "You just write a one and a zero and a zero." I have no idea where he learned that. But then I asked him to show me and he wrote it out perfectly. Of course Cole was copying him, saying he could write a hundred also and I had to take his picture too.

"Mom, take our picture"

My boys really are best friends. The minute Cole wakes up he asks, "Where's Easton?" And one evening Easton slept over at his Aunt Mandie's house. The next morning he called my cell phone and I thought he would be excited to talk to me and tell me he missed me (as much as I missed him). I answered and said "Hi Easton!" and he said "I need to talk to Cole." Doesn't even say HI! But that's alright, I love that they love each other. This picture was from early one morning. I was downstairs feeding Peyton where Easton was watching a cartoon. Cole came downstairs and snuggled right up to Easton. Easton put his arm around Cole and said "Mom, take our picture." And of course I had to do what he said. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree


We got out all the Christmas decorations one Saturday night and had plans to decorate the tree all together Sunday evening. I was trying to get some things ready for dinner and Seth was at a meeting, and I just thought the boys were playing. They called me into the living room and proudly showed off the tree they had decorated all by themselves! As is evident by the fact that the ornaments only go half-way up the tree. Seth came home, put the lights on, and then he helped the boys put ornaments on the top half of the tree, while I sat back and watched with Peyton.

Peyton Rocks and Rolls

Peyton is continually rolling over, from both stomach to back and back to stomach. He can do it very quickly now. Now he is starting to push up on his feet so his little bum sticks in the air and scoot places. It is amazing, seeing as how Easton and Cole were pretty much just cute, big lumps until about 10 months.


I am not sure where the boys learned the word "acrobat" but they are always pretending they are acrobats. "Look Mom! I'm like an acrobat! Look at me!" And they love it even more when dad helps them do acrobatic tricks.

Peyton Tries Baby Food

Peyton was being so funny the first time I gave him rice cereal. He definitely did not know what to do with it. He was super excited when he saw a spoon going towards his mouth and he actually grabbed the spoon and pulled it quicker toward his mouth. He would make a funny face as he was trying to figure out what to do with the cereal and then he would smile SO big and all the food would come oozing out of his mouth. I was laughing so hard. He was so cute! And eventually he did get the hang of it.