Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We had such a nice Valentine's Day this year. I decided I wanted to do something with our boys this year, since they're all my sweethearts. :) I decided we would make a nice dinner and have it by candlelight. Here's the menu: Steak, Lobster (both from great sales this week), Baked Potato, Broccoli, Rolls, Strawberry Lemonade with Red Heart Ice Cubes, and ending with Chocolate-dipped Strawberries that the boys helped me make. I think it was actually one of the best dinners we've ever made (how could it not be?) and surprisingly easy. The boys LOVED eating by candlelight! Easton said "This is the coolest dinner EVER!" And that had nothing to do with what he ate- he doesn't like potatoes, the meat (steak) was too spicy and the lobster was funny, but I guess he did love the special drink and dessert.

Peyton (I did take pictures of the other 2, but they were funny pictures, not that this one is that great...)
My Four Sweethearts

I'm pretty proud of my first attempt at making these :)
For Valentine's Seth got me an entire golf club set. Which is very exciting because that means we now have something new and fun to do on dates together. (You also need to understand I have told Seth that I never want flowers - I'm just not that kind of person - I want something lasting, not that will die... so this really is a very sweet present for me.) I am a little nervous about how it will go with him teaching me. My first experience was when we were dating we went to a driving range and after missing the ball 15 times in a row I just gave up. My second was going with him and some friends to a course, just to watch them golf. It was a little cold so I had my hands wrapped up in my sweatshirt. While riding in the cart Seth took a turn rather fast and since my hands couldn't get out fast enough to grab on to something I went flying out of the cart. (I was not harmed.) So hopefully I will have much better golfing experiences to remember...
I got all of my boys different baseball hats, Seth is always wearing hats, so I think I did pretty good. :) The boys all love wearing them too, especially Peyt.

Peyt showing off some of the hats (he put the first 2 on by himself and then asked me for help for the third)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun in the Snow

For a while Cole has been saying in his prayers "Please bless that we can build a sledding hill" (I think he remembered Grandpa and Uncle TJ making one with him last year) and I kept wondering if we would ever get enough snow to actually do that, since for the longest time, half our lawn had no snow on it. But when we ended up getting over a foot last Sunday/Monday I decided we better take the opportunity. And it was actually not even that cold, it was perfect. The boys loved it! Well, it took Peyton a few times to actually enjoy it and Cole was so scared every time he was trying to climb on the sled, but loved the actual sliding down. By the way, the pictures don't do our hill justice... it is HUGE! ;) (Well, big enough for the boys to love it.)

Peyton started out sitting up...
Peyton's reaction after the first time


Easton trying something "totally rockin"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little About Peyton...

Peyton has been making us all laugh so much. Lately his favorite thing to say is "Oh brother" (it sounds like "oh brudda") and he says it probably 50 times a day. I've tried to record him saying it, but of course the minute I get out the camera he just says "cheeeeese!"

Peyton insists on playing the Wii with his brothers. If they are playing Mario Kart, he HAS to have a wheel too. If they are playing a different game then you can bet he will track down a controller or come find me to get one for him. It has been getting so hard to put him down for any naps lately because he's usually playing so well with his brothers and not acting tired, but often this is how he takes a quick nap.

Here's pictures of Peyton doing push-ups. He grabs those things (I have no idea what they're called, but he's seen Seth do push-ups with them) all by himself and starts to do "push-ups" coming up with the proudest look on his face every time.

(First let me apologize for holding the camera the wrong way... I've never posted a video before but I think you can still get how cute Peyton is if you just tilt your head a little ;)

This morning Peyton was acting like jumping on the bed was the coolest thing ever, in his defense, he is doing "real" jumping - like getting both feet off the ground (pretty good for an 18-month old). He would say "Mom!" and then do some jumping until he fell down. If I even looked away for a second he would stop jumping and yell "Mom! Mom!" until I looked. I was laughing so much I decided to get out the camera, of course he wasn't near as funny once I got the camera out, but it was all still pretty cute.

We sure love our Pey Pey!!