Thursday, January 13, 2011

easton's christmas party

I was making invitations for Seth's Christmas Party for his Young Men. Easton was in the room and kept saying it wasn't fair that dad would get a Christmas Party and we wouldn't. I told him if he planned one - he could have one. While I was still working on the invitations, he jumped on the computer, printed off invitations and planned the entire thing. I thought it was way too cute. I was also relieved to find out he was only inviting the family and I wasn't going to have to either have a party for a bunch of friends or tell him he actually couldn't do it.

Sadly, I did not take pictures of the party cause sometimes I'm just spacey like that. But we really did everything he planned and had TONS of fun. :)

couple christmas pics

  Christmas morning, showing off his R2D2. I really think he believes he needs to close his eyes for pictures because he closes his eyes before he even smiles.

Doesn't look so excited, huh?

He was so excited about his BYU hat, shirt and football that he wouldn't let me take a picture of him until he put them on.
 All worn out from opening presents, he fell asleep while sucking on a treat from his stocking.