Sunday, January 8, 2012

my not so little baby

 I still can't believe how old Brock is. He is less than 4 months away from his first birthday! I know!! I'm in denial too.

He still is pretty much the perfect baby. Sometimes I wonder if we maybe should've had one more as long as I could be guaranteed they'd be just as good and then I take all 5 boys to any store and realize that has got to be the most insane thought I've ever had. I don't know what gets into my boys once we step into a store, but no matter how good (or bad ;) they've been beforehand, they suddenly become fighting, hiding, screaming ninjas who think the store is their playground. 

P.S. I don't really wonder if we should have one more baby. I'm totally still happy and at peace with our decision to be done. :)

showing off his smile

He is definitely a curious little boy. Notice the destruction he left behind him. I pick that mess up multiple times a day and if I had a different place to put all that stuff, I would surely move it. Yes, I know they make nifty little things to childproof doors, not sure why I don't invest in some.
Oh how we love this little guy!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

chocolate kisses

 what happens when a 4 year old eats a very chocolatey chocolate chip cookie and then sees his baby brother anywhere near by. 

"But don't worry mom. I tried cleaning it good."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

self portraits

Peyton has recently become very interested in taking pictures of himself.

can you blame him?

Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas morning

 Another fun, typical Christmas morning around here. Although I think if it hadn't been Brock's first Christmas, I may have forgotten the camera all together. :(

Trey, that really is a smile
giving hugs
 twins :)
 opening his very first present
 although this is how he was for most of the morning, crawling off to find something more exciting

temple square

 So I'm not sure why I suddenly stopped blogging... but I today decided to prove that we were indeed alive in December.
So here's some pictures of our trip to Temple Square.

So my boys were being so funny and asked me to take tons of pictures of them. "Take a picture mom!" "Now take one of me here!" "Now right here mom!" 
That was definitely not normal, but I'll take all the help I can get.

We met my brother and his family there, which is always fun! :)
(I'm borrowing this picture from their blog, because apparently I only take pictures when my boys ask me.)
 All of us, minus the picture taking Seth
 My BIG family. :) I'm sad Brock's face isn't even showing but he had totally just passed out. As in one minute he was looking all around and then suddenly his head just smacked into my shoulder and he was 'gone'.

1st annual cousins gingerbread party

Late in December I decided it would be super fun to get my boys together with their cousins to make gingerbread houses. It was super fun and I'm sure it will only get more fun as they all get a little older. 
(right now their cousins are 20 months, 7 months and 5 months :), although the 5 month old couldn't make it, but we forgave him ;)

Apparently my camera (which actually used to by my sister's) had a dirty smudge on it and I didn't notice. Bummer. 
On a side note, Seth completely spoiled me (and shocked me, although the shock came a few days early when I accidentally discovered the present) for Christmas with a crazy, nice camera. I'm still in the reading the instruction manual phase, but hopefully soon my picture quality will greatly improve.
 How Trey was most of the night
 Oldest cousin Ty trying to finish his delicious dinner :)
 Cole took these pictures days later of a couple of their masterpieces

 The whole group