Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guess it's not just girls...

Our little Peyton definitely has a thing for shoes. He is constantly putting on any shoes he can find. (He's even walked around in some of my heels.) Yesterday he walked around half the day with only one of Cole's shoes on but got upset if I tried to take it off. Here's pictures of how he came upstairs this morning. He came up somewhat crying and at first I thought it was because he was having a hard time walking, but it's because Easton's church shoe was untied. Silly boy.

He's upset here because I wouldn't let him hold the camera...

Speaking of boys and girls...

So I think most of you know we are expecting another baby. Last December the ultrasound looked like we just may be having a girl so we were pretty prepared for that (even though Easton and Seth were a little disappointed). However... at the appointment last week we discovered that we now have a complete basketball team (including Seth of course). Yes, I am the only girl in a house with soon to be 5 boys!! Lucky me. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Random 2008

Here are some random (kind of recent) pictures that I just never posted about. So crazy to think that 2008 is over and done with! Thanks for sharing your 2008 with us and I hope we all have an amazing 2009!!

Playing in the leaves

My little monkeys jumping on (and off) the bed

Ending the jumping session with a band performance when they noticed the pile of pillows made a perfect stageSeth walked downstairs one morning to find Peyton and Cole sitting exactly like this while watching tv

Here are pictures of my boys in their new suits. (Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa again, something I hope they keep getting every year. hint hint)

Action shot
Perfect fit every where but the length :)
I had no idea they made suits in his size, but SO adorable (ten times more adorable in person ;)
A little long again, and of course Peyton is sneaking in the picture

Christmas Morning

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. In addition to being spoiled by family, we were blessed by many people who didn't even let us know who they were. So amazing.

A few pictures from Christmas morning

New Pajamas

Every Christmas Nana (Seth's mom) makes the boys the most adorable pajamas! I love them and they quickly become the boys' favorite jammies. So I just thought I'd show them off.

Just a little too big. :) I gave her the measurements... oops.