Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

(That is a song I learned in a kindergarten class I taught and it was stuck in my head as soon as I woke up the day we went to the zoo.)
We went to the zoo on Wednesday. And it was an absolutely perfect day to go! All the animals were out and moving so much. Usually I have to point out to my boys where the animals are sleeping, but this time they were able to easily find them all. Easton kept looking at the map and telling us which way to go, and he was very good at finding all the different animals. It was very cute. Cole did have one small scare, but I'm sure it would scare anyone his size. He was standing up at a glass window where the leopoard was. The leopard was walking back and forth in front of a different window right next to Cole. Cole got distracted by some kids next to him and was looking at them for a while. When he finally turned his attention back to the window the leopard was right in front of him, staring right at him! He naturally freaked out! It was very hard not to laugh while comforting him. (I know, I'm so mean.) We also got to see the white alligator, which Easton called the "fake alligator" because that is really what it looked like, but it was still cool to see it, even though it didn't move and pretty much looked dead. But it really was an absolutely wonderful day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was really very simple. We had a breakfast of pink heart-shaped pancakes, which all 3 boys seemed to enjoy, with eggs and bacon. Then we played with their new cars racing track, which I've decided is my new favorite toy. Peyton can sit and watch the cars go around and around for a very long time. Then for dinner we were going to make heart-shaped pizza, but I took the easy way and bought a pizza crust mix and it was supposed to be pressed onto the pan, rather then rolled out, so that made it difficult. But I don't think the boys would have even noticed had the pizza been heart-shaped. But they each got to make their own pizza and they absolutely LOVED that. As their pizzas were cooking I noticed a small fire in our oven. I wasn't sure if it was just some food that had fallen down but I turned the oven off for a minute and then noticed that the coil part (or whatever it is) had completely broken in 2! I have no idea why or how it did that, but I still had to cook the pizza I made for Seth and I. I quickly put the pizza in, hoping there was enough residual heat, and left it in a while. I also broiled it for just a little (cause that part still works, as well as the stove) but we still had a little soggy crust in the middle. Bummer. Oh well, it was still yummy. We were going to do something all together after dinner but the boys woke up very early that day and really needed to get to bed, cause when they are tired they can be kind of cranky, which leads to us not having a good time. But overall we still had a very fun day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Big Brother... again

When Peyton falls over while sitting up, Easton always wants to try and lift him back up. The other day Peyton was sitting on the bed as I was running around doing some cleaning. One time as I came back into my room I found this:
I asked Easton what he was doing and he said "I'm helping to catch him so he won't fall over anymore."
(Yea, we're not too exciting around here, plus I just love sharing stories about my cute boys, sorry.)

We couldn't resist any longer...

We did it. We bought a Wii. Seth had a day off a few weeks ago and we somehow tracked one down, the store we got it from sold out of all 12 they got in within 3 hours, I don't know how we managed to get lucky, but I'm not complaining. We really love it. I sometimes just do boxing to get in a little workout for the day, but I can't really play that against my boys because it feels really weird to want to "knock them out", unless I don't really punch. They really love boxing against each other, and every time Cole wins, Easton is in complete shock, "Cole?!?! How did you do that? Tell me Cole!" I am very glad to say they now don't get upset when they lose, it took a while, but now they can say without any tears in their eyes, "I didn't win." I think it is so fun just to watch how much the boys get into it! There is a cow racing game, where you have to move the controller up in a jumping motion to get the cow to jump over an obstacle, but both boys will actually jump with their controller to the point they get pretty exhausted.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweet Big Brother

So for a while I have been determined to make Cole use the toilet. He just seems way too big for diapers, especially when I know that he knows he is going potty. I've been shamelessly bribing him with pretty much whatever he could want, which was getting Easton more excited than Cole. Easton kept reminding Cole of all the cool things he could get if he could just go once on the toilet, and was very sweet in reminding and encouraging him. The other day Cole was sitting on his little toilet and Easton started getting excited for him. He looked at Cole and said "Hey Cole, is it okay if I can read you a book?" Cole agreed, so Easton grabbed a book, a little step stool, and sat down to read to him.
Even with Easton helping out to try and keep Cole on the toilet for long periods of time, I have since given up. (You'd think I'd remember this from going through it with Easton.) I can force (yes, so mean, I know) him to sit on the toilet for a long time but I cannot make anything happen beyond that. So pretty much I just tortured both of us for a while. He's a big (he would beg to differ on that), smart, wonderful boy and when he wants to use the toilet, I'm sure he will. The other day as he was sitting on the toilet, he said "Mom, can you please put my diaper on?" and I said, "No, you're a big boy, use the toilet like dad and Easton." (Wow, this sure is making me sound awful.) He got the saddest look on his face and said "No, I'm just little. See?" while pointing at himself. So now I'm done with trying to make him do anything and I'm really hoping I didn't go and mess things up for the future, like he may now associate feeling sad and a mean mom with sitting on the toilet. Oops. I may just have to wait much longer but I can only blame myself.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sitting Up

Peyton has started sitting up all by himself! Seth was actually the one who discovered it. I had him sit on my lap all the time, but it never really registered that he could be doing this all on his own for extended periods of time. As of now, he can only do it on carpet or our bed because after a little while he tips over, but he keeps getting better and better.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Easton's Missing Tooth

Easton and Cole were wrestling, like they often do, on our bed. Seth and I were right by them, watching. Easton grabbed Cole and pulled him back on top of him and they both fell down. We heard a bang and knew they had hit each other pretty hard. Easton covered his mouth and was crying very hard. Cole was also crying so I started to comfort Cole, while Seth grabbed Easton. It wasn't until Easton took his hand off his mouth that Seth saw he had a tooth knocked out! I could not believe it! And then we couldn't even find the tooth, we think he must have swallowed it. After all the madness and going to the dentist, he kept looking in the mirror saying, "I look funny. I need my new big tooth to get here." I told him he looked absolutely adorable, which he does. And now every few days he'll just come up to me and ask "Do I look cute with my missing tooth?" Hopefully he'll totally believe me and be able to stop asking me that question because if I have to answer that every few days for the next 2-3 years (when the dentist guessed his tooth would come in, according to x-rays) it may get a little old. Not that I don't love telling him he looks cute. It was fun to have him get excited about the tooth fairy. Seth helped him write a note to her (Seth says 'him' because of some movie he saw). This is what it said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost a tooth but I can't find it. I think I swallowed it. You can check my mouth. Easton"