Wednesday, October 27, 2010

all blue, thru and thru

Went to the doctor today.
First he started looking at the size and taking measurements while I was thinking - get to the reason I came here today!!
He pulled up the picture to look at the bum and within half a second I could see we were having a boy.
I'll admit, I was slightly disappointed. (I feel bad for actually saying that.) Even though I truly suspected we were having a boy. I had been having little thoughts of how fun it would be to end our family with an adorable little spoiled princess.
But instead I get dirt, soccer, fights, burping and other gross bodily functions, superheroes, stinkiness, white shirts and ties, light sabers, baseball and probably all other sports, gentlemen, priesthood holders, missionaries and all other amazing things that my boys are and will be.
And I couldn't be more thrilled!!
And I will forever be the QUEEN!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


first plate of self-fed spaghetti (thank goodness mom left the sauce off)

first oreo

Monday, October 18, 2010

if you give...

If you give a one year old a whole granola bar instead of breaking it into smaller pieces like he's used to...

he'll make a HUGE mess.

Then he'll need a bath.

If you give a one year old his second bath of the day...

He'll be ready to run, laugh, play and make you smile.