Tuesday, May 25, 2010

can't believe how long it's been

Over a month ago, our laptop just stopped working. It will turn on but the screen stays blank except for the background picture. So annoying. But we got it before Easton was born, so I can't complain at all. I've been borrowing a super old desktop from my friend. It is slow (incredibly s-l-o-w) but again I can't complain because it means we can wait a while til we have to buy a new one since the timing of ours breaking down was stinky. Since it's been a month since I posted I wanted to do little updates and hopefully it won't take for-e-ver for things to upload but we'll see.


This won't be long since he has his Kindergarten Graduation this Friday, :) and :( but I just couldn't leave him out completely. He continues to amaze me with how grown up he is. He is really a great big brother and such a great help to all of us! He just finished his second soccer season and is loving it even more. He recently added "real soccer player" to his list of things he wants to be when he grows up.

The chips must've been too spicy for him too (explained more in Cole's post)


Cole will be 5 in less than two weeks. He is definitely the comedian of the family. Yesterday after church he had all of us laughing so hard, multiple times. The way he was going on Seth and I wondered if maybe he was going to be in drama instead of sports. Watching him play soccer is like watching a comedy more than a sports game anyways. He watches everything but the ball and runs to where the ball was long after the ball is gone.
A couple weeks ago, the boys were eating some Spicy Nacho Doritos. Cole was hesitant to try them, but Easton assured him "They aren't spicy Cole. Well, maybe just a little at the end." So Cole said, "Then I'll just eat the end first so it's not so spicy" and proceeded to turn his chip around and eat it. As you can see in the picture, that didn't work so well.
We went to go visit their new cousin Ty a while ago and all the boys just loved him. Cole especially had the magic touch. He held Ty on his lap while Ty slept for probably an hour. It was so cute!

Here's some videos of Cole and Peyt dancing :)


Peyton is also growing like crazy. He is such a copy cat of his older brothers and dad. Here's a story that shows how he often hears his brothers telling him to stop copying them. The other day I told him we had to go to the copy store (like Alphagraphics. Is that what everyone calls them?). He looked at me kind of confused and then said (and I quote) "Copy store? Like copying? Like QUIT COPYING ME BOYS!?"
He still adores Trey and gets so excited to see him in the morning. He also loves his older brothers and in addition to calling them "my boys", he has recently started calling them "my guys".

He has recently become extremely attached to his "i-pod" (Easton's MP3 player). So much so that he does not believe any of us when we tell him it's not his. I'm thinking he may be getting a cheap one for his birthday. He is almost going to be 3! I know! I can't believe it myself.


Trey has just suddenly grown up so much! He's just a day away from being 11 months! That just makes me crazy! My baby is not a baby anymore. He's crawling like crazy. Yesterday he crawled all the way up our stairs and also figured out how to slide on his belly to get back down. He laughs and giggles and flirts so much.
He has also recently started to throw little fits when he doesn't get his way. The other day Peyton had a cookie in his room and set it down. Trey grabbed it without Peyt noticing, crawled off with it to another room and started eating it there. I'm pretty sure he knew to hide and eat it because as soon as I picked him up and took the cookie he was SO mad.
He's actually pretty small for his age, like 25% for height and weight, which is extra strange for our family, since the others have been more around 90% most their first year. But I love having my little baby still be a baby. He's not really eating baby food anymore and eats pretty much whatever we're having and does very good with just about everything, so far the only thing he spits out every time is avocado. Silly boy. :)

By the way, I've been shocked with how fast everything uploaded. Guess my excuse is no longer valid and I'll be back to posting somewhat regularly. :)