Tuesday, July 17, 2012


LOVE our baby who loves to snuggle

Monday, July 16, 2012

five is right out!

(only my old roommates will understand the title. :) Sorry, couldn't help it as I was trying to figure out what to title this post.)

Peyton turned 5! He is so full of energy. Seth mentioned the other day about how we don't really experience the "terrible twos" with any of our kids, but Peyton is currently going through the Ferocious Fives. :) I had to agree. He is such a sweet, loving, giving, helpful boy. And then suddenly he can be quite the opposite. 

He is already an amazing reader. Doing math. Quite the athlete. Memorizing scriptures. Loves pleasing and helping any family member. So quick to forgive. Loves trying to figure out (or making his best guesses on) how and why things work.

We are so lucky to have him in our family. Oh how we love our middle child! :)

And yes, that chocolate cake is as delicious as it looks. And probably the easiest birthday cake I've ever made. The best news, it's even better and more moist the next day so you could even make it early.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

trey is three

 I still cannot believe it. But, yes, Trey is THREE!! He is such a fun character.
He knows he's funny and LOVES making us laugh.
 He can be very rough with Brock but also incredibly sweet.
 He's so smart as he tries to do everything his older brothers do.
Oh how we love our little Tater Tot! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

ward campout

Yes, I went camping. For the first time since we've been married. Yes, more than 10 years. (I did not realize that until we were on our way up and talking about it.) Seth has been plenty of times with the boys, but I've always been nursing or pregnant during every summer for the past 9 years, so that was my perfect excuse. Now that excuse is gone. Bummer! ;)

It was actually pretty fun. The property we went to though, was amazing. I'm pretty sure after going to that place, any other camping will disappoint my boys big time. There was a couple fun slides. Lots of green 
grass to play sports. A huge, 3 story tree house. A small fort. Flushing toilets. (That was my favorite part.)

How the 3 older boys looked at 7 in the morning

 How Brock and Trey were at 6 in the morning


 Peyton playing in the fort

Breakfast. The other tables were very full when Brock, Trey and I ate at 7:30. But obviously very empty by the time Seth and the older boys dragged themselves out of their sleeping bags. 

Maybe it won't be another 10 years before we all go again. ;)