Friday, November 30, 2007

Cleaning out Pumpkins

We cleaned out our pumpkins so we could bake the seeds. Yummy. I thought the boys would never dare put their hands inside the pumpkins but they totally surprised me. Cole pretty much cleared out his own pumpkin all by himself. Easton was a little more disgusted and only put his hand in a couple times and then needed to immediately clean his hands. Afterwards, we all loved eating the seeds.

Happy Baby

Peyton really has been the best baby in the world. So here are just some pictures to show how happy and cute he always is.

Playing Pirates

The boys love dressing up in the costumes we have. I just thought these were some silly pictures of them dressed up as pirates. They loved saying "Shiver me timbers" over and over again. And I am happy to say that the clip on earrings that came with this costume bugged them so much they couldn't leave them on more than 2 seconds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Checking On Peyton

I was doing some ironing while Peyton was taking a nap and Easton and Cole were playing. I thought I heard Peyton making some noises so I asked Easton and Cole to quietly go check on him and see if he was awake. I figured they would come and tell me whether he was awake or not but when they didn't come running, yelling "Peyton's awake! Peyton's awake! He needs you!" I assumed Peyton was still sleeping. I finished ironing the shirt and went to check for myself. This is what I found.

Dad's Hats

The boys found some of Dad's hats (not hard to do since they are always on the floor) and both wanted to wear one. Then they found a small one for Peyton to wear and asked me to take their picture. So what else could I do?

Easton Makes a Cake

I went shopping to find cheap costumes after Halloween and the boys found cake and cookie mixes that come with everything you need to make them and they asked if we could buy them. I of course let them get them. Here Easton is making his cakes all by himself and he was so proud of them. I didn't take pictures of the finished products because I forgot but since we bought more than one mix, I'm sure there will be pictures later of cakes and cookies they decorated.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Painting Pumpkins

We paint our pumpkins every Halloween. I am so not into making a big mess with carving it. I'm sure one day our boys will learn that most people carve them and want to make a mess like that, but until then I will enjoy just painting. Easton and Cole were actually SUPER excited to paint their pumpkins. They didn't really paint anything in particular, they just enjoyed mixing the colors. There is a book called "Mouse Paint" that is about what new colors are formed when mixing two primary colors. So all night they were saying "Look Dad! Blue and blue make pink" or "Look Mom! Red and green make yellow!" But I figure since they were using so many colors it could very well look like that.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Playing in the Leaves

Easton and Cole's friends told them how their dad had made a pile of leaves to play in so they have been asking me if we can do it too. I raked up the pile and they just kind of stood there not knowing exactly how to play in the leaves. They started out running and jumping in the pile, and soon they ended up rolling around in them, throwing them and having a lot of fun. I'm sure we'll be playing in the leaves a lot more, up until there is snow on the ground.

More Playing in the Leaves

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Superheroes

Here are Easton and Cole showing off their muscles and web-throwing action.

Halloween Costumes

These are the pictures I got on Halloween before my camera's batteries died. Easton and Cole wear their costumes so much, they didn't really realize Halloween was a special day, until we went met up with friends for dinner and trick-or-treating. They were a little hesitant in the beginning of trick-or-treating, but once Seth told them they wouldn't get any candy unless they actually said "trick-or-treat", they warmed right up and came home with way too much candy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Cute Little Puppy

Here is Peyton in his Halloween costume - the same one both his older brothers wore their first Halloween. I must admit he is the cutest little puppy I've ever seen - but I'm not biased or anything.

Preschool Parade

Easton had Joy School on Halloween, yes Easton is the only boy with 3 cute Princesses. They had a little parade and then sang some of the Halloween songs they learned. Easton continues to impress me with how quickly he learns songs. Of course Cole had to join in the singing and parade. Easton also showed off his web shooting action quite a bit, he was very proud of the fact that he learned how to do it exactly like Spiderman really does it with his fingers.

Muscle Men

Easton and Cole found some weights. They said "Look at us mom, we're exercising." I said "Wow, look at my strong boys." And then Easton said "Yea, we are so powerful, so much power, huh mom?"

Exhausted Cole

Easton and Cole were downstairs playing for a while. When I went downstairs to check on them, this is how I found Cole. And yes, he is completely asleep. I picked him up, laid him down on the couch and he stayed fast asleep. I have no idea why he was so exhausted, but I guess he always has been good at falling asleep if he's tired.

Balancing Baby

Here is Peyton balancing (kind of) on Seth's hand. Seth has done this with all the boys and can't wait until he can do it with Peyton standing on his hand. Peyton is also showing off his mohawk.