Friday, June 25, 2010

bedroom makeover

So yesterday I decided I am so sick of my bedroom being the place where we -all 6 of us- spend most of our time. I don't like the tv in it. I don't like the computer and huge desk in it. I want my bedroom to be just my bedroom. Any ideas on how to actually do that? I just can't think of another good place in my house for the computer and desk.
I would love to re-do my bedroom and make it modern, beautiful and romantic. ;) I think some wall sconces by the bed would be so awesome, I especially like this one. I also have grand dreams of making my own headboard from something old, but I can't seem to find any ideas online (even though I know I've read some). I also want fabulous bedding. Ours is 5 years old, getting holes in it, and really wasn't even beautiful to begin with. I really like ones like this one and this one and this one - although I don't think Seth would allow that color in our room. :)
I still haven't done much redecorating in my house, even though I posted about it a while ago. I thought if I posted about it, that would motivate me to get something done, but sadly it didn't. (Although currently we are focusing our time on getting our backyard fixed up, so that's kind of my excuse for now...) Now that I think about it, I was still leaving it as a wish, instead of a goal. I am going to start making a real plan and budget and then save for it. Maybe that will really be what I need get going. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 years old!

So Cole's birthday came and went and I completely forgot about doing a post. For some reason blogging hasn't been on my mind as much... oh well.

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! You keep us laughing more than anyone. You are so sweet to all your brothers, always so concerned about how they feel. You are such a stubborn little guy, and while now I don't always appreciate it (like when I know that I cut up an apple for a snack but you refuse to believe it's anything other than a pear), I know your stubbornness will help get you thru life, being able to stick to what you know and believe.
On the morning of his birthday, he walked out of his room, I sang Happy Birthday to him and then asked him how if felt to be 5. He said "I'm 5? I'm really already 5? It doesn't feel like I'm 5."

Happy Birthday Cole!! We love you!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Easton had his Kindergarten graduation last week. It was a cute program, even if it was hard to see him during it. I now know for Cole's I need to get there way early, 10 minutes early is not early enough! Easton was really nervous for it - not excited at all. He didn't want to do his parts because there "will be so many people I don't know", but once it came to his turn he did fabulous and later told me it was "way easy and not really scary". He did so great in kindergarten and (for the most part :) loved it. One of the comments on his report card was "How does it feel to be nearly perfect?" Guess he gets that from me. ;) Haha!

playing his kazoo - one of the things he was so excited to do and show us
with his wonderful teacher, who he keeps telling me he will miss :)
showing off his diploma50% of us looking at the camera, not bad