Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little randomness

So a few (or more) times the past couple weeks, I've thought I need to write a new post, but I have NOTHING exciting or even semi-interesting to write about. We've certainly been keeping super busy, but just with boring school and house stuff.

So I decided to just share a couple pics and stories. 

Peyton (the 4 year old) can now ride a two wheeler. It's so cute to see him zipping all over the place. Makes me want to get him a new awesome bike, instead of the lame bike I bought at a garage sale and then Seth spray painted all black. I was trying to be a good thrifter (or whatever you want to call it) and it's only discouraged me from trying again.

We're still working on Cole. He can go down hill just fine. Up hill is another story. He just doesn't seem to have the leg muscles for it. I'm also constantly having to assure him the bike does not have a mind of it's own. Hopefully I'll be able to update that he can do it before the first snowfall.

One morning, I got out some bread for the boys to have toast or something for breakfast. I then had to go upstairs to do some motherly job. When I came back downstairs, I found Trey had made his own breakfast sandwich. 4 or 5 pieces of bread. Nothing else. Such an independent little guy.

Brock is almost 6 months old! (AH! I just realized he's 2 days away from being 6 months! Here I've been thinking it was more like 2 weeks. AHHH!) He's still such a fabulously perfect little guy. When he does cry, it's pretty quiet and still calm. He sleeps SO well at night. I'm often woken up more by the other boys. Blankets that don't stay on. Nightmares (or what they call nightmares). Drinks. I just have to keep telling myself that someday I'm going to desperately wish those were the only things keeping us up at night.

Anyways, back to Brock. For like the past 3 weeks, he's been getting up on his hands and knees like he's ready to take off crawling. He doesn't know quite what to do and then just topples over and bonks his head.
I just love these pictures I took of him one cold afternoon watching his brothers practice bike riding.

In an outfit my old roommate gave me for Easton. Yep, over 8 years old and still looks fabulous. (I'm going to go back and find a picture of each boy wearing it to compare. :)

Puckering up. :) 

In other news, regarding our future dog as a pet score - we are back to Mom-6 and Dad-1. (I've had a deal with Seth that we can get a dog when I am outnumbered.) Recently, thanks to friendly, well-behaved friends' dogs, Easton and Cole, and occasionally Peyt have sided with Seth. Luckily our fence is falling apart so any dog plans are on hold. But on our walk on Sunday, all boys came back to my dark side.
Let me share the sad, yet occasionally hilarious facts of our Sunday walk.

I asked the boys if they wanted to go on a walk.
Seth was at a fireside for the YM/YW.
Easton, Peyton and Trey wanted to ride bikes.
Cole wanted to walk.
I was pushing Brock in our single stroller.
At the end of our street, Trey wanted to walk with Cole, so I put his bike on top of the stroller.
The walk was going well.
Easton and Cole started getting ahead of the younger boys and I.
I hear little dogs barking and start looking around for where they're coming from.
I look up and see 4 little dogs barking, running straight for Easton and Cole.
They start screaming like girls. Screaming.
East jumps off his bike and takes off running towards me. Screaming.
Cole follows right behind him. Screaming.
Cole's shoe flies off. He continues running. Screaming.
Screaming. Screaming. Screaming.
Dogs get scared by the screaming and don't even make it to the sidewalk the boys were on, before turning around to their owner.
Boys continue running and screaming. 
Cole arrives with a bunch of prickly thingies stuck in his sock.
Easton loudly announces "I HATE dogs!!!!"
Peyton and Trey are now very concerned and nervous as well.
I pull all the pokies out of Cole's sock, pricking my fingers many times.
Easton and Cole are staying right by my side.
Peyton and Trey follow behind me and their still very upset older brothers.
I hear more barking.
Peyton starts crying.
A big dog, behind a chain link fence ran up to him.
I go grab him when the dog starts barking again and Trey begins to cry.
That same dog had ran over to Trey and terrified him.
Trey won't let me put him down.
I am now holding Trey, pushing Brock, along with Trey's bike.
Easton finally attempts to ride his bike, instead of walk and falls over trying to go over a big bump.
Easton announces he will never ride a bike again.

Such a wonderful, relaxing Sunday stroll.