Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've actually been taking quite a few pictures of Trey lately so I thought I'd do a little update on my baby. [Can't belive in 7 weeks he will no longer be the 'baby'!! I'm definitely worried he's going to have a much harder time than any of my other boys had when we had a new baby because we've all been treating him so much like a 'baby'. Oh well... I guess we'll deal with that when it happens. Who knows? Maybe he'll surprise me!]

I realize the next 2 pictures aren't very attractive, but I had to include them because he's lately become obsessed with sunglasses, gloves and hats. Whenever he finds any of those he immediately puts them on or asks me to.

He has recently decided he will put himself down for naps. And it's never late in the day - lest you think he does it just because he's exhausted or I've been neglecting him. Between 9 and 10, he'll climb up on our bed, move the pillows around, lay down and go to sleep. 

He LOVES helping load and unload the dishwasher. Whenever he hears or sees me open the dishwasher, he runs over, climbs up (which I totally know I shouldn't let him do) and holds his hand out for the next item to load.

loading it

how it looks when he's finished

A few other pictureless things he's started doing lately:

-instead of crying when he wakes in the morning, he just calls out "Mom! Mama!" over and over til I get him

-whenever I give him anything, he says "Gakes" [thanks :)]

-runs to the front window when Easton and Cole are walking to the bus stop to wave

-blows kisses when his brothers tell him goodnight
We love our baby Trey!

Friday, February 18, 2011

valentine's dinner

So here's a few pictures from our Valentine's Dinner.

I had set out some candy on the table for decoration and Trey pushed a chair over to climb up and reach the candy.

caught in the act
Realizing mom is holding a camera (and she doesn't seem to be taking away the candy :)

 My 5 Valentine's (see what I mean in my last post about everything being the same from the previous years. Oh well! At least I'm documenting it.)

Drinking Strawberry Lemonade

I loved this idea when I saw it. Heart Shaped Tomatoes! It even encouraged the boys to try them since they aren't big fans of tomatoes. Except for Peyton who loves these and ate any he could reach.

Peyton eating fondue. (If his eyes look red, it is because yes, he was crying, he was having a very emotional night from lack of sleep the night before. He would squeal - yes squeal - with excitement when he saw the chocolate or dip in a marshmallow and then burst into tears when there was too much chocolate or when the food got stuck in the chocolate. It was actually rather amusing. Poor kid.) 

For some reason Cole wanted me to take a picture of him making this face (and since none of the other pictures I took turned out any better, I decided to post this one.)

The fondue was really easy and delicious! I actually do have a fondue pot but didn't realize I needed to buy some kind of gas for it, so it was just in a bowl, but nobody seemed to mind and it made clean up much easier.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

proof we're still alive

So... I haven't posted for-EV-er... and I'm not sure why...

-could be because I'm pregnant and I like to use that as an excuse for everything
-could be that I'm lazy
-could be that I feel we're just too boring
-could be that I've kind of forgotten to take pictures of things we do
-could be that I feel if I do post something, you could just look at posts from the previous month and year and see the exact same thing
-could be all of that
either way, here's a small little post to show you that we are alive and have been doing a little bit.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of us bowling - which was Peyton's and Trey's first time - and Trey just thought it was the coolest thing. So did Cole and Easton - especially when they both got their first strikes.

Or pictures of when Seth took the boys sledding.

Or pictures of the boys playing in the snow.

Or pictures of our new minivan. Yes, we just purchased a new minivan. We held out for a long time but with almost 5 boys, it just couldn't be avoided.

Or pictures of our Valentine's Breakfast - heart shaped, pink pancakes, strawberry milk and strawberries. (But never fear, we're having our family Valentine Dinner tonight since my wonderful parents offered to come stay with the boys so Seth and I could go out last night, so I'm sure I'll remember to get the camera out for that. Maybe. Although I have fondue planned, so I better remember to document that.)

And on a side note... I have 8 weeks left of this pregnancy! Yay! It sure flew by and I'm sure this last little bit will be over in a flash.

Anyways, on to a few pictures...

Here's our new chore chart that Seth and I made. I saw something kind of similar on one of the many blogs I follow and loved it, so I showed Seth and he made it. It works wonderfully!! Really. :)

Here's a Valentine decoration I made with my fabulous sister Vannessa

Here is the Valentine Cole handed out to his class. Yes, the same one Easton did last year, but Cole remembered it and really wanted to do it.

Here is the Valentine Easton handed out to his class, with a treat attached to the back. Everyone in his class loved it - even a certain young lady in his class told him it was the coolest one she'd ever seen. :)

So much brotherly love always going on around here, with occasional disagreements or full on battles, but it takes them all of about 30 seconds to forget it and go back to being best friends. 

Trey continues on the ability of our boys to be able to fall asleep whenever, wherever

He ate lunch, laid down on his chair, with his legs hanging off and stayed there for a while, until I moved him to a bed where he continued his nap