Friday, February 18, 2011

valentine's dinner

So here's a few pictures from our Valentine's Dinner.

I had set out some candy on the table for decoration and Trey pushed a chair over to climb up and reach the candy.

caught in the act
Realizing mom is holding a camera (and she doesn't seem to be taking away the candy :)

 My 5 Valentine's (see what I mean in my last post about everything being the same from the previous years. Oh well! At least I'm documenting it.)

Drinking Strawberry Lemonade

I loved this idea when I saw it. Heart Shaped Tomatoes! It even encouraged the boys to try them since they aren't big fans of tomatoes. Except for Peyton who loves these and ate any he could reach.

Peyton eating fondue. (If his eyes look red, it is because yes, he was crying, he was having a very emotional night from lack of sleep the night before. He would squeal - yes squeal - with excitement when he saw the chocolate or dip in a marshmallow and then burst into tears when there was too much chocolate or when the food got stuck in the chocolate. It was actually rather amusing. Poor kid.) 

For some reason Cole wanted me to take a picture of him making this face (and since none of the other pictures I took turned out any better, I decided to post this one.)

The fondue was really easy and delicious! I actually do have a fondue pot but didn't realize I needed to buy some kind of gas for it, so it was just in a bowl, but nobody seemed to mind and it made clean up much easier.)

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TJ Hendriksen said...

That's so fun!! I love the tomatoes!! What a great idea!! And I think Peyton always looks cute, even if he was crying or fussy!!