Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just wanted to share some pictures from good ol' Lagoon. My fabulous sister Linda came along and helped out and the boys all loved it.

I'm including the next 3 pictures because in each one a different person looks good, except of course for Cole, which is pretty typical. Too bad I can't cut and paste them all to make one good picture.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

because I'm 3

Peyton is now 3 years old and he does not let us forget. Anytime he hears anyone, anywhere say "3", he says "Because I'm 3!" For example, the tv was on and it said "Coming up at 4, 3 Central", he got excited and shouted "3 because I'm 3!!"

before opening some presents, pay no attention to the sexy Seth in the background
If you notice the cake looks like one big mess, allow me to explain - I bought some Mario figurines to put on the cake like they were fighting each other (because even though I tried and tried I couldn't think of a cake design I could do myself). Peyt decided the bad guys should be going down a little cause they were losing, which somehow led to everyone needing to be pushed all the way into the cake. Good thing it was his cake.
Peyton is such a happy and compassionate boy. He is always making all of us laugh and once he sees that he's made us laugh, he keeps on going.
The other night he was excited to sleep on the top bunk and he raced to the top bunk with Cole, which meant Easton would have to sleep on the bottom. Easton started getting all sad and upset. As I was telling Easton, "I'm sorry but too bad. You were the last one in here so you have to sleep on the bottom", Peyton started climbing down. I told Peyt to get back in bed and he said "But Easton wants to sleep on top, so I'll sleep on bottom". I wasn't about to let Easton get his way just cause he decided to throw a little fit but I could not talk Peyton out of it (and believe me I tried!). Peyton just kept saying "Easton wants to. It's okay." Oh how we love our sweet little 3 year old!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

365 days old!!

(Actually because I'm late again, it is actually like 365+6 days old.)

My BABY is a year old!! How that happened...? I have NO idea. It's so crazy. He doesn't seem like he should be a year yet, maybe part of that is because he is still a small little guy. He's in the 25% for height and 10% for weight. He's not even 20 pounds so I can't put him in a front facing car seat.

Anyways, Trey has been the best baby ever! So happy and so extremely cuddly!! When he gets tired, I'll lay on the bed and he'll find a comfortable spot right next to me or on me and fall asleep. Oh, how I love it!

Trey loves his brothers so much and they still can't get enough of him. They will all play together in the bedroom forever. It is so fun to watch.

He sure did love all the big people food he got on his birthday.

Birthday Waffles

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!