Friday, May 13, 2011

wood you like to craft - tool box

This month the project was a tool box (which I just loved!! especially filled with the tulips!) and then the other projects were just wonderful too.

 I almost made a long one, but as I was thinking of where I would put it, I decided I wanted to make small ones that could be lined up together to look long or separated to go on my kitchen window sill in between herbs (if I really ever get the courage to try growing some) or other decorations. I also wanted to make more than two but I knew I shouldn't push my luck with Brock.

I cut all the wood by myself :) all while Brock was taking his longest nap ever! (Otherwise I don't think I would've completed this even by now.) After putting them together, I painted them all white, sanded some of the paint off (not enough) and then stained over it all. I love how the stain looks darker (you can't even see it in my bad pictures) on the small parts I sanded the paint off. As I keep doing these projects, I keep learning more and more and someday I may actually be able to call myself a 'crafter'. ;)

Yes, this is just another one of my horrible pictures, but I wanted to show where they will actually be going.