Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peyton's Recent Accomplishment

Peyton completely shocked me this morning when he did this. He had been crawling around on the floor and I looked over and there he was standing up!But he is absolutely so proud of himself, as you can tell from the smile. I'm not ready for him to be doing big-boy things, but since I can't stop it, I'll just show off how adorable he is while growing up.
After a graceful fall :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Definitely no animal lovers here

I promise we weren't just being cruel parents. Seth's mom has 4 dogs so while in Georgia we were trying to get our boys, who are absolutely terrified of ANY animals, to realize that not all animals are lying in wait to destroy them. (Quick story to show they really believe that - one day while driving they suddenly started screaming like they were about to die because a fly was flying around them! It was impossible not to laugh at my poor boys, although that was last spring so I think they are over flies.) We started very slow, just looking at the dogs through the window. Then Seth would hold them while the dog walked around the floor. Next they actually would touch the dogs, but only if the dog's head was turned away. But on the last day we bribed them with a toy they picked from the Disney Store if they would just let the dog sit on their lap for like 10 seconds, and they both willingly agreed. This is Cole getting ready to do it. I did feel a little sad for him, because it is obvious he is truly terrified, but I don't want him to keep being so scared, especially when this dog was the most calm dog ever. Now he talks about how brave he was, but is still just as scared. Maybe some day they'll realize they're the only 16 year old boys still scared of dogs and get over it. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a Blessing

We took a trip to Georgia to visit Seth's family, the beginning of April. The main reason for going out there was because he hadn't seen his Grandma in over 7 years and his Grandad in over 14 years. We arrived at midnight on Friday and the next day we went to see them. They were absolutely so sweet. The boys warmed up to his Grandma relatively quickly and she was so cute with them. Seth loved visiting with his Grandad as well. It was wonderful. However, a couple days after visiting with them his Grandad had to go to the ICU. We went to visit them in the hospital one more time. Since we don't go out to Georgia that often and his Grandad's health wasn't too great, Seth thought this would be the last time we would see him, but he was still hoping to maintain a relationship for a while. But 4 days after arriving home, his Grandad passed away. We are obviously very sad about that but just so grateful that Heavenly Father was letting him stay on earth until we were able to see him.

Just the boys
Seth's mom, Grandma and the boys