Tuesday, September 25, 2012

camera practice

I love taking out my camera and practicing now that I finally got to take a photography class (which was super fun by the way!). And even though my boys don't always love getting their picture taken, they do occasionally make requests "Take a picture of me mom!" "Now like this mom!" "Now this way!!" "My turn!"

I guess Brock doesn't request it, but I like taking pictures of him best. ;)

For these next ones, all I was trying to do was get a picture of Brock in these pajamas because I have pictures of ALL my boys wearing them, but Brock was not in the mood at first.

Finally got a decent few

Monday, September 24, 2012

first day of school

My oldest is now more than half way thru Elementary School. (SOB!) It kills me, especially when he makes comments about going to Junior High, or driving. AGHH!! 

These crazy boys were not at all excited for school. I suspected they just weren't admitting it. Or maybe they just love spending time with me WAY too much. ;) 

Actually one time during the summer when they were doing chores, Easton shouted out "You're actually making me WANT to go back to school!" Haha.

Now that they're in school they like it well-enough. At least the being with friends part. Homework- not so much.

 too cool for school

Took me forever to realize what was on top of his head. Don't worry they're just his sunglasses, he's not trying to make some fashion statement or anything.

(now that I've taken my photography class, I totally know that I should go in and fix the background a little so you can't see my shadow/silhouette, but my free trial of Photoshop expired so we'll have to wait a while until I do that) 

Handsome 2nd Grader!! :) 
(pretty cute baby in the background too)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

one year away from double digits

 My oldest son turned 9!! How old am I?!? 

Easton is such a great older brother and we are so grateful for the example he sets for everyone in our family.

While I know he gets picked on and asked to do a lot since he is the oldest (Hello! Totally get that.), I try my hardest to not do it that much and point out all the perks that come with being the oldest (i.e. - never wearing hand-me-downs, at least until you're older and all your younger sisters have a better fashion sense than you ;)

He is doing so excellent in school and makes it look way too easy. He is also becoming quite the athlete. (I love watching his soccer games!) He is sweet, loving and I'm often in awe of the little man he's becoming.


 try not to look too happy

already wearing some birthday presents
he seriously only wanted sports things, or an iPod touch (and since that wasn't happening until he saved for it) he got lots of sports gear

Love you East the Beast!