Monday, September 24, 2012

first day of school

My oldest is now more than half way thru Elementary School. (SOB!) It kills me, especially when he makes comments about going to Junior High, or driving. AGHH!! 

These crazy boys were not at all excited for school. I suspected they just weren't admitting it. Or maybe they just love spending time with me WAY too much. ;) 

Actually one time during the summer when they were doing chores, Easton shouted out "You're actually making me WANT to go back to school!" Haha.

Now that they're in school they like it well-enough. At least the being with friends part. Homework- not so much.

 too cool for school

Took me forever to realize what was on top of his head. Don't worry they're just his sunglasses, he's not trying to make some fashion statement or anything.

(now that I've taken my photography class, I totally know that I should go in and fix the background a little so you can't see my shadow/silhouette, but my free trial of Photoshop expired so we'll have to wait a while until I do that) 

Handsome 2nd Grader!! :) 
(pretty cute baby in the background too)

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