Monday, March 23, 2009

Mini Golf

We had so much fun miniature golfing the other day. Nothing terribly exciting or blog-worthy happened, I just thought I'd do another quick, boring update.

First of all, I couldn't believe the size of the putter they had for Peyton (I think you can see it in the pictures). It was SO cute! It seriously was a perfect size for him. After he watched Easton and Cole hit their balls for the very first time, we set his ball down and told him to hit it. He walked up to it and and proceeded to pound the ball repeatedly as if it needed a beating. It was SO funny! Then a few holes later, he was trying to hit it the "correct" way and after missing it a few times, he bent down and hit it toward the hole with his hand. I just can't get enough of his hilarious personality!

Here's cute Cole getting ready to hit the ball. He called all the holes, "levels". After finishing the first hole, he announced "I'm done with Level 1. Now I'm on Level 2!" Cole was the only one of us to get a hole in one! Woo hoo!
Easton tried real hard to learn how to do it correct and was getting quite good. After hitting a good shot he told me, "Mom, I must be a golfing pro, huh?" Absolutely East!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This morning the boys woke up to a card and some tiny shamrocks that said "Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We love you!!" With the card there was also a small paper that had a picture of a table on it, Easton asked me if that meant the card was from the table. :) I told him I 'thought' it was a clue and his eyes lit up and he said "A clue?!? For a treasure hunt! I need Cole to wake up now!" Once Cole woke up the boys went on a treasure hunt, after changing their clothes because they didn't want to get pinched. They love going on treasure hunts, even if the "treasure" was a pile of rocks, they wouldn't care, it's the search they love. (Right now their clues are just pictures so that they can all take turns finding clues.)

Searching for a clue
Showing off their treasure
After the treasure hunt we had a breakfast of green waffles and pancakes and green milk, which they could not believe they were actually drinking green milk. They were so amazed. Eason kept exclaiming "I think St. Patrick's Day is one of the best days ever!"

We sure had a fun day!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things We Love This Week

Seth: Being home. He was in California for two weeks working, and as much as we missed him (On about day 11, Easton was talking to him and he suddenly handed me the phone with tears starting to run down his face and ran upstairs. I of course asked Seth what he could have said to upset Easton and he had no idea. When I went up to talk to him, he said "I just miss dad SO much!" and started crying so hard. It was so sad to see.) I'm sure being the one away from the rest of us would be harder. But now he's home and we're having so much fun spending time together before he has to go back out.

Dezi: My boys. They have all been such amazing boys lately and making me laugh and smile SO much. I just can't get enough of them!! :) A while ago Easton asked me why we have freezers and before I could even say one word, Cole jumped in "To put magnets on!" (Hmm... maybe I need to clear it off a little.) The other day they asked if we could make dinosaur cookies, after I said yes, Easton said "I've got a great idea mom! We can make dinosaur cookies to celebrate the baby in your belly!"
Here's pictures of them eating the dinosaur cookies. I had to put in both pictures because in one you need to ignore Easton's crazy face and the other you need to ignore Cole's crazy face.

Easton: Taylor Swift. I don't think he has any idea what she looks like or any song she sings besides "Love Song" but he sure can't get enough of that one. Yesterday the song was on as I pulled up to get gas. As I turned the car off he shouted "Turn that back on!" After I came back from getting gas he very excitedly said "Mom! Guess what?! The radio said Taylor Swift is coming to town! We have to go!" So unless one of his aunts invites him on a date (hint, hint... jk... maybe ;) I think I may be going to see Taylor Swift with Easton. (Not that he gets everything he asks for, I'm just saying it's a possibility.)

Cole: Legos and games. He loves playing and building things. He likes playing the Wii with Easton, but he does not last very long at all. After just a few games, he's asking me if he can play with something else. And those he can play with forever!
He was so proud he built it "bigger than me"

Peyton: Being independent. This is probably more of "Things I Demand" than "Things I Love". He is already not letting me help him get dressed! He even has a pair of shoes he will put on by himself. He just seems way too young to be doing this. The older two didn't start that until... well... hmm... they'd still love me to dress them if I would. When I come in with his clothes he grabs them from me and runs away so I can't "reach" him. And then just keeps trying and trying until he gets the clothes on. One time he was having a lot of trouble with his shirt but he still wouldn't let me help him. He spent half the day shirtless, while taking his shirt everywhere, and every time I asked if I could help him he'd hide the shirt behind his back. This day we were getting ready to go and we put his shoes on. He ran off saying "ja-ja" (jacket) and came back like this. (This is Easton's shirt, he knows what a jacket is, they are all just hanging up high where he can't reach.)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just another reason I love my boys...

(Let me preface this by saying, Yes, I realize this will be a boring post and Yes, I realize most kids do this... but it's just something that has made me happy and smile recently.)

Today I got out the vacuum while the boys were playing some crazy action, running around the house, jumping down the stairs game. Suddenly all 3 of my boys come racing into the room with a different cleaning object to "help" me. They asked me if I was done vacuuming and when I said no, they got very excited! "Okay, good mom, cause we are going to help you!"

A few days ago I was cleaning out the fridge and when I asked the boys if they wanted to help me, they acted like I had asked them if they wanted a special treat! It was so funny to see them get so happy to be able to help me do some cleaning. And they were all very good helpers. They emptied out the fridge and as I would get a shelf cleaned off they would put the right things back where they go.
I just love my boys and how such simple things (and even things I don't like) can make them happy. Now if only I could figure out how to make that last...