Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Ready for Church

I just love when all my boys are dressed in their white shirts and ties!! I don't think boys can get any more handsome than that... (f.y.i.- Cole did not have an accident, he was playing with a water bottle and spilled some, of course. Oh well.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

from the Allen boys!

WolverineBuzz Lightyear
Cutest Little Frog (This costume was one I actually bought for Easton, when we was 1. I thought I was doing so great by buying early and being all ready. But once Halloween arrived it was too small, then it was also too small for Cole so I forced Peyton to wear it, even though with the top on it was a little tight. I had to get some use out of it!)

Trunk or Treating...
We went over to our church first to do Trunk or Treating. It was very fun and exciting for the boys to get a lot of candy with relatively little walking. Peyton also caught on very quickly. He learned to grab a piece of candy -usually too big to fit in his hand - and drop it in his bucket (which he was also carrying by himself) and walk on to the next place. One time when I was busy handing out some candy he waddled over to a lady who was holding her candy bowl pretty low and helped himself to another piece.

Can't go on much further....

Bring on the Candy!!!
I can not believe how much candy my boys received. I guess that's what happens when the weather is nice and they aren't begging to go inside after a few houses. They all pretty much filled up their buckets. Cole's bucket got too heavy for him to hold up! I'm already sick of it, but of course I can't stand to throw good stuff away. I'll probably put it in our freezer and it will last til next Halloween.

This is Cole counting out some candy for Dad. He was begging to be carried after a while, and so Seth told him for every house he carried him to, he had to give him one piece of candy. After we got home I thought Cole would be upset about the deal, but he immediately started counting out pieces for Seth, even some good ones.

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! I'm sure we won't have another like this -at least weather wise - for a long while.

Preschool Performance

I just wanted to post a few pictures of my cute little preschool class doing their Halloween Parade and Performance. They marched around for their parents and then sang 4 songs. They were super cute and I was very proud of them, I didn't even need to sing any of it with them.