Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy St. Patty's

Here's a couple highlights from our St. Patrick's Day...

Rainbow Pancakes for Breakfast

I gave Seth a pair of shoes (get it? so lucky to be 'paired' with you... :). I was kind of looking at it like a very late Valentine's present cause one day in January while walking around the mall, he said he'd love a pair of Converse, so after I stopped laughing cause I never thought he'd wear shoes like that, I mentioned that Valentine's was coming up. But then Valentine's came and went and I never got him anything at all. So that's why I did that. Just a litle FYI.

That picture above also shows the pot of gold I gave each of my boys.The night before I hid little four leaf clovers that spelled out their names so while I was making pancakes they had to find their names and on the back of the clovers it gave clues to where they could each find their own pot of gold. It was really fun, but Easton got really frustrated because I hid his harder than the others, which is why there is no picture of him with a pancake because he refused to smile. It was super easy to put together and they thought it was very cool. (I didn't get pictures of any of that going on because I was working on pancakes.) They also had a picture with their pot that said "You're my lucky charm!"

This is a Leprechaun trap that Easton set up. He came home from school on the 16th talking about how Leprachanuns are real and he wanted to try and catch one. So he came up with this trap.

Unfortunately it didn't work. The Leprechaun ate the cupcake (but left the wrapper - how rude!) and left a tiny, tiny note that said "You'll have to try harder to catch me next time. Thanks for the treat. And you rock too!"

craft attempt

My attempt for the Wood You Like to Craft (a blogging craft group). I had to do a much simpler version because I was trying to use only things I had on hand and not spend any money. (Which I succeeded at.)
I chose to do "No Soliciting" because starting like 2 weeks ago we start getting salesmen like crazy. And I usually try and be polite and listen to them, especially since Seth had to do something similar for a while and I know they're just trying to earn money, but (and maybe it's just cause I'm pregnant) they are driving me crazy. So hopefully this will deter at least some from knocking... wish me luck with that! ;)
Also, the picture is really bad because it's hanging inside until Seth helps me find a way to get it outside.