Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Little Angels

Easton and Cole were very excited to try and make snow angels. But once they got up to see their angels, they couldn't see the 'angels' and were very confused.

This is Peyton getting all bundled up - mittens and all - to go outside with us. Normally I would take the boys outside while Peyton is taking a nap. However, he is not sleeping good lately and I just discovered a tooth poking through, so that could be the reason. So Peyton came outside with us and he loved watching the snow fall and his brothers play.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Okay, so as exhausted as I was from shoveling the 10 inches - yes 10 inches! - of snow yesterday, we still had lots of fun in it. I made a small hill for the boys to go sledding down, which they actually had lots of fun going down. Probably because they could actually go down by themselves, when the other times they've gone sledding with Seth they had to cling on to him so they wouldn't fall. They couldn't get enough of the small hill. (The young man in the picture helping the boys is a very cool young man in our ward. He stopped by to play with them when he saw us outside. I just wanted to clarify in case anyone was confused since he doesn't look like Seth. :)

They also loved climbing up to the top of "mountains" and saying "I'm the king!"

Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Missionaries

I was getting my boys ready for church yesterday in suits their Grandma and Grandpa got them for Christmas. As I was buttoning up Cole's jacket he said "Why am I going to be a missionary?" I think they are the most handsome 'missionaries' I've ever seen. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

My Baby is Growing Too Fast

Peyton LOVES eating bread, or any other 'big people' food that I let him get grab. The other day there was a water bottle on my bed with just a few drops left. I could see Peyton grabbing for it, so I took the lid off to see what he would do, but put it on the bed slightly out of his reach. He successfully grabbed the bottle and brought it to his mouth all by himself! I think next week he'll be driving.

Watching Football with Dad

Seth was watching a football game and holding Peyton. Peyton really looked like he was watching the game. I thought they looked so cute watching the game so I ran to grab my camera. But as soon as Peyton saw me taking their picture he gave me a big smile! Already posing for pictures... sheesh! Eventually he did turn his attention back to the game.

New Year's Day

On New Year's Day Grandma and Uncle TJ came over to our house and brought their Wii, which is one of the coolest things ever! Easton has been wanting a "intendo wii wii" for quite a while, and after playing with one, Seth and I agree with him. I don't think we'll be able to hold out much longer. We had so much fun with them and were very happy they could come over to hang out for a while. Cole was especially glad to have someone to take a nap with.

Christmas Morning

Okay, so my boys are super spoiled! I'll admit we spoil them, but there are plenty of other people who spoil them too. On Christmas Eve we spent the day at my parent's house, where the boys had tons of presents to open, from everyone but especially Aunt Mandie. She's probably the best spoiler in the world. :) But I will proudly admit that Easton was also very excited to see people open up the presents he personally picked out for them because he just knew that Grandpa would LOVE a power ranger. Then on Christmas morning there were a whole lot more presents to open and the boys were very excited.

However, after a while Cole said "I'm tired, I want to watch a show." (Which is what he does in the morning on all normal days) I said "Don't you want to finish opening your presents?" And he said, "No. I'm tired. I need a break." We couldn't talk Easton out of opening presents for a while, so Cole watched a short show while Easton opened a few more presents. When the show was over, Cole came running upstairs "Okay! I'm ready to open presents! Woo hoo!" We also wore Peyton out too. :) Seth's not sleeping in the picture, although he wanted to be sleeping.

Seeing Santa

I must admit, I consider this very amazing. Santa came to our ward Christmas party and not one of my boys cried while sitting on his lap! Such brave boys, since Santa is such a scary person and all. :)