Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Morning

Okay, so my boys are super spoiled! I'll admit we spoil them, but there are plenty of other people who spoil them too. On Christmas Eve we spent the day at my parent's house, where the boys had tons of presents to open, from everyone but especially Aunt Mandie. She's probably the best spoiler in the world. :) But I will proudly admit that Easton was also very excited to see people open up the presents he personally picked out for them because he just knew that Grandpa would LOVE a power ranger. Then on Christmas morning there were a whole lot more presents to open and the boys were very excited.

However, after a while Cole said "I'm tired, I want to watch a show." (Which is what he does in the morning on all normal days) I said "Don't you want to finish opening your presents?" And he said, "No. I'm tired. I need a break." We couldn't talk Easton out of opening presents for a while, so Cole watched a short show while Easton opened a few more presents. When the show was over, Cole came running upstairs "Okay! I'm ready to open presents! Woo hoo!" We also wore Peyton out too. :) Seth's not sleeping in the picture, although he wanted to be sleeping.


Christie said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I love the Santa pictures too:). It is amazing they didn't cry! Great job boys!

Tiff & Adam said...

Your boys are so cute--I can't believe Cole needed a break from opening presents! Ha ha!