Friday, July 2, 2010

365 days old!!

(Actually because I'm late again, it is actually like 365+6 days old.)

My BABY is a year old!! How that happened...? I have NO idea. It's so crazy. He doesn't seem like he should be a year yet, maybe part of that is because he is still a small little guy. He's in the 25% for height and 10% for weight. He's not even 20 pounds so I can't put him in a front facing car seat.

Anyways, Trey has been the best baby ever! So happy and so extremely cuddly!! When he gets tired, I'll lay on the bed and he'll find a comfortable spot right next to me or on me and fall asleep. Oh, how I love it!

Trey loves his brothers so much and they still can't get enough of him. They will all play together in the bedroom forever. It is so fun to watch.

He sure did love all the big people food he got on his birthday.

Birthday Waffles

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!


Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

WHAT??!! 10 percentile! Holy cow! He really is so little! I didn't realize he's not even 20 lbs. yet. I bet Ty weighs more than him now with his double chin and fat rolls on his thighs- haha. Well, I'm sure he'll grow eventually but right now, that's so cute! Hopefully he's not 16 and still in the same percentiles- haha. Anyways, love the pics- they're good ones!

Christie said...

Happy Birthday Trey! He's so cute and really does seem like a great baby:).

Love that cake!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

hahahah yeah the 10 percentile things is pretty funny! lol..but he seriously just gets CUTER every single time I see him! I want to kidnap him from you!! Happy birthday baby Trey! I just LOVE him!