Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Painting Pumpkins

We paint our pumpkins every Halloween. I am so not into making a big mess with carving it. I'm sure one day our boys will learn that most people carve them and want to make a mess like that, but until then I will enjoy just painting. Easton and Cole were actually SUPER excited to paint their pumpkins. They didn't really paint anything in particular, they just enjoyed mixing the colors. There is a book called "Mouse Paint" that is about what new colors are formed when mixing two primary colors. So all night they were saying "Look Dad! Blue and blue make pink" or "Look Mom! Red and green make yellow!" But I figure since they were using so many colors it could very well look like that.

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Hurst Family said...

That is a good idea to paint them! We used to have them just color them with markers, but Carson had seen too many carved ones to be okay with that this year:(. Oh well, it was fun, but getting all the seeds out is messy and gross! They were actually both saying, "ewww!" when they saw inside it.