Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Peyton is also growing like crazy. He is such a copy cat of his older brothers and dad. Here's a story that shows how he often hears his brothers telling him to stop copying them. The other day I told him we had to go to the copy store (like Alphagraphics. Is that what everyone calls them?). He looked at me kind of confused and then said (and I quote) "Copy store? Like copying? Like QUIT COPYING ME BOYS!?"
He still adores Trey and gets so excited to see him in the morning. He also loves his older brothers and in addition to calling them "my boys", he has recently started calling them "my guys".

He has recently become extremely attached to his "i-pod" (Easton's MP3 player). So much so that he does not believe any of us when we tell him it's not his. I'm thinking he may be getting a cheap one for his birthday. He is almost going to be 3! I know! I can't believe it myself.

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Curtiss & Ginger said...

HAHAHAHA...oh he makes me laugh!! I loved the "copying" story!! LOL! So funny! I cant believe he is almost 3! yikes!