Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was really very simple. We had a breakfast of pink heart-shaped pancakes, which all 3 boys seemed to enjoy, with eggs and bacon. Then we played with their new cars racing track, which I've decided is my new favorite toy. Peyton can sit and watch the cars go around and around for a very long time. Then for dinner we were going to make heart-shaped pizza, but I took the easy way and bought a pizza crust mix and it was supposed to be pressed onto the pan, rather then rolled out, so that made it difficult. But I don't think the boys would have even noticed had the pizza been heart-shaped. But they each got to make their own pizza and they absolutely LOVED that. As their pizzas were cooking I noticed a small fire in our oven. I wasn't sure if it was just some food that had fallen down but I turned the oven off for a minute and then noticed that the coil part (or whatever it is) had completely broken in 2! I have no idea why or how it did that, but I still had to cook the pizza I made for Seth and I. I quickly put the pizza in, hoping there was enough residual heat, and left it in a while. I also broiled it for just a little (cause that part still works, as well as the stove) but we still had a little soggy crust in the middle. Bummer. Oh well, it was still yummy. We were going to do something all together after dinner but the boys woke up very early that day and really needed to get to bed, cause when they are tired they can be kind of cranky, which leads to us not having a good time. But overall we still had a very fun day.

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