Sunday, January 8, 2012

my not so little baby

 I still can't believe how old Brock is. He is less than 4 months away from his first birthday! I know!! I'm in denial too.

He still is pretty much the perfect baby. Sometimes I wonder if we maybe should've had one more as long as I could be guaranteed they'd be just as good and then I take all 5 boys to any store and realize that has got to be the most insane thought I've ever had. I don't know what gets into my boys once we step into a store, but no matter how good (or bad ;) they've been beforehand, they suddenly become fighting, hiding, screaming ninjas who think the store is their playground. 

P.S. I don't really wonder if we should have one more baby. I'm totally still happy and at peace with our decision to be done. :)

showing off his smile

He is definitely a curious little boy. Notice the destruction he left behind him. I pick that mess up multiple times a day and if I had a different place to put all that stuff, I would surely move it. Yes, I know they make nifty little things to childproof doors, not sure why I don't invest in some.
Oh how we love this little guy!!


AngiDe said...

He is quite the cutie!

Linda.BreAnne said...

oh my gosh! i'm so obsessed with his little smile!! love all those pictures!!

Tiff, Adam, Lily & Gemma said...

It's Trey Jr.! Especially in that last picture. I can't believe how much they look like each other!! And you are a brave, brave woman for even attempting to go anywhere with all of them--I hope Seth was at least with you. :)