Wednesday, February 1, 2012

visiting the Allens

 We finally made a trip out to see Seth's family. It was long overdue. His mom and brothers have come out a few times, but we had not seen his sisters in 8 years! How sad. I know.
It was so wonderful to be with them. And fantastic to have our boys play with their cousins. 4 of our 5 boys all have a cousin very close to their age in Georgia. I loved seeing them run around and play together. They were all automatically friends and after seeing that, I was definitely sad to realize it will be another long time before they can play again.
I sure wish I could magically make them all live nearby. I've often (selfishly) thought that it's nice to not have to split holidays and bla bla bla between 2 families, but after our time with them, I'm truly sad the boys (and us) don't get to have ongoing, close relationships with that side of the family.

Seth's 2 sisters, Heather and Jessica and Jessica's boyfriend
Seth's mom (Nana) and Zeke, 6 months old (lame he's not turned around, I know!)
 Easton and Gabriel, just turned 9, having a serious discussion ;)
 Lots of the group :)

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