Friday, February 10, 2012


 Part of Universal is all about Superheroes. And of course they have the characters to meet. Meeting them was actually pretty cool. They would ask the boys questions, show them how to pose, sign their autograph book and other things.

(the green backdrop is the green screen where you can buy their expensive pictures that look like you're from somewhere Spiderman lives)
showing the web hands

 Dr. Doom. Trey would NOT turn around for these pictures, no matter how much I screamed his name. As we were finishing up, Dr. Doom said to me "He knows better than to turn his back on me." (Haha. Good one. Bet you've only used that a hundred times.)
 Captain America

Here's a story about the lovely autograph book - My sister Vannessa bought it for Peyton on our first day in Disney. So we spent that day getting signatures, the next day in Universal getting more and then the following day back in Disney getting some. (We waited longer in those lines than lines for the rides. But since nearly every ride line was shorter than 10 minutes, that was okay.) Then we were getting ready to go back to Universal and we realized we couldn't find the book. I couldn't believe it. It was bothering me to think about all the wasted time standing in lines. We called Disney's Lost and Found and they didn't have it but took our address and said they'd mail it if they found it. I truly thought it was forever lost and they just say that to people but never really mail things. We bought a second book and spent more time in lines (although this time only really short ones) trying to get some signatures back. But 3 days after arriving home, a package arrived at our house with the first book in it. I was shocked and thought it was pretty awesome. Peyton thought I turned into Super Woman because when I showed it to him, he asked "How did you go to Florida so fast?!"

Cyclops signing the book
 my favorite superhero picture


Curtiss & Ginger said...

What fun pictures!!! Trey is too cute and smart :) I love seeing all about your trip- the boys will never forget this!

Brittney & Morgan said...

We went to DisneyLand a couple of years ago and my husband bought a brand new pair of flipflops at one of the stores in California Adventures...well of course he set them down and walked away from them. When we went to the lost and found and they told us about the mailing thing...I thought yea right! Were never going to see those things again. 1 Week later...bam there they are in our mailbox. I LOVE DISNEY!!