Tuesday, February 21, 2012

brock and the characters

I love how in so many of the pictures with characters Brock canNOT take his eyes off of them. And usually looked so confused. I guess Trey did it a lot too. :)



Curtiss & Ginger said...

hahaha...he really is staring at them every time. I can only imagine how strange that must be, I mean all he has known is real human people and now he sees a huge animal that is as big as a human...if only babies could talk so we could know what they are thinking. haha. I love all the pics with the characters! I am so glad Bone was there to take pictures with YOU in it!! Seriously...I am already going to MAKE you send out your christmas cards with you and Seth in it.... okay?!?!? whoa that was long. Love you! :)

Linda Hendriksen said...

hahaha!! trey seriously looks SOO confused!! hahaha poor kid.