Friday, February 17, 2012

the airport

 On both flights, we (or at least some of us) got stuck at the airport in New York. (Which is what happens when you fly stand-by, which is the only way we could ever afford to fly out there.) 

On the way there we arrived in New York at 7ish and were hoping to get on a flight to Orlando at 9. When they called our names, they only had 3 seats available and about 30 seconds to get on the plane. So Seth grabbed Trey and Cole and got on that flight. Seth's bag didn't have wipes or a diaper and Trey decided to stink up his diaper on the flight so Seth was stuck with nothing til they landed. Oops! Luckily all our bags arrived with them so he was able to change him them.

Easton, Peyton, Brock and I hoped to be on the next flight, 2 hours later. Well, that didn't happen. They only had 1 seat available. So we waited another 2 hours. She called my name and said they only had 1 seat available. I said I needed 3 seats so we couldn't get on that flight. She then called someone else's name and 2 people got on. (What the?!) Then she called another name and 2 more people got on. (Excuse me?!) I walked up to her and said "Excuse me. I'm not trying to be rude but you just told me you only had 1 seat available and now 4 more have gotten on." She very rudely said "No! I called them before you." I said "Um.... no, you called me before them." She responded "No, ma'am. I didn't. I called them before you!!" So I cried. Yep. Right there. 

So we walked down to the gate where the next flight would be leaving and waited 2 hours. Again. We didn't make it. The next flight left an hour later so we waited for that one. That one only had 2 seats available. Then an hour and a half later we finally made it. And I did have a good experience there, when people saw that the boys and I were going to have to sit apart from each other, (Peyton right in front of me and Easton across the aisle.) they offered to switch seats and not sit by their companion. It made me so happy. We arrived in Orlando at 7. If we had all made the first flight, we would've already been done with the 7 hour drive into Atlanta. Instead, we got to our hotel right before 3 in the morning. It was the perfect start to a vacation. ;)

 On the flight back, the first flight only had 5 seats available to begin with, so we were already planning on having to split up again. But by some crazy miracle, all 7 of us (we only needed 6 seats) made it on the flight. And I got to sit with Peyton and Trey with Brock on my lap. East and Cole sat by each other. And Seth was all alone. Lucky. ;) (For the record, I was actually going to get the seat alone, but as I was walking down the aisle to my seat, I realized I was going to have to nurse Brock squished in the middle of 2 strangers. No thank you! So I switched with Seth.)

 After making the first flight, we had a nine hour wait til the flight back to Salt Lake. Luckily the airport had a kids play area, which we sat in the entire time, unless we were eating. 

And now, to the whole reason I started this post... the pictures... Brock didn't seem to care so much for the things to climb and slide on, instead he kept pulling shoes out and then making a run for it. Unless of course he saw me taking his picture.


Tiff, Adam, Lily & Gemma said...

Dez, you are a far braver woman than I will ever be. You deserve some kind of medal. I think if I had the choice, I would just stay at home--flying with little kids is the most stressful thing ever, and I've only got two!! :) I can't imagine being split up and having to wait so long at the airport!! And I really can't believe how rude that woman was to you--you should seriously file a complaint! I'm glad you all survived, though. :)

Curtiss & Ginger said...

whoa...I had no idea it was THAT much of an adventure to get out there! Glad the way home was better! Trey and the shoes...hahah..that kills me!

Christie said...

Oh my goodness--you are officially super woman. I cannot believe all you had to go through! I wouldn't even dream of braving that with just three kids!!! Wow. What a crazy adventure that was!