Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun in the Snow

For a while Cole has been saying in his prayers "Please bless that we can build a sledding hill" (I think he remembered Grandpa and Uncle TJ making one with him last year) and I kept wondering if we would ever get enough snow to actually do that, since for the longest time, half our lawn had no snow on it. But when we ended up getting over a foot last Sunday/Monday I decided we better take the opportunity. And it was actually not even that cold, it was perfect. The boys loved it! Well, it took Peyton a few times to actually enjoy it and Cole was so scared every time he was trying to climb on the sled, but loved the actual sliding down. By the way, the pictures don't do our hill justice... it is HUGE! ;) (Well, big enough for the boys to love it.)

Peyton started out sitting up...
Peyton's reaction after the first time


Easton trying something "totally rockin"


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

What a fun time!!! I loves sledding, and so does Monkey! She'd have a blast with your boys =)


TJ Hendriksen said...

Oh man!! I wish we could have come up to play with them. Maybe we can soon before the snow starts to melt again!!