Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Mom, take our picture"

My boys really are best friends. The minute Cole wakes up he asks, "Where's Easton?" And one evening Easton slept over at his Aunt Mandie's house. The next morning he called my cell phone and I thought he would be excited to talk to me and tell me he missed me (as much as I missed him). I answered and said "Hi Easton!" and he said "I need to talk to Cole." Doesn't even say HI! But that's alright, I love that they love each other. This picture was from early one morning. I was downstairs feeding Peyton where Easton was watching a cartoon. Cole came downstairs and snuggled right up to Easton. Easton put his arm around Cole and said "Mom, take our picture." And of course I had to do what he said. :)

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