Monday, October 13, 2008

First Snowfall

We woke up Sunday morning to a surprising amount of snow on the ground. (The news said our area got 6 inches.) The older boys begged me to go play out in the snow but of course since it was Sunday they couldn't go outside to play. I told them if it was there tomorrow they could play it then. Luckily it still was, barely in some spots, but enough for them to have fun. Easton was SO excited. He has been asking for snow since July.

Throwing snowballs from Dad's truck, of course after observing his brothers a couple times Peyton figured out exactly what to do

Peyton getting his first taste of snow. The snow kept sticking to his glove and he seemed very confused as to how to try and get it off. Soon he discovered he could get it off by eating it.

Easton proving me wrong. He asked me if we could build a snowman and I told him there wasn't enough snow so he came back and said "Look at my snowman Mom. See I told you I could build one."
Cole showing off right before he was about to throw snow at me.

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TJ Hendriksen said...

I love it! Your boys are the coolest!