Thursday, September 10, 2009


If I'm ever taking Trey's picture and Peyton sees me, he just has to get in the pictureI realize the lighting is bad, but he still looks cute
Showing off his muscles

Cole with Aunt Ginger
Peyton LOVES climbing in here and swinging. He'll climb in and say "See mom? I'm like Trey! See mom?" He's even climbed in and fallen asleep a couple times.
Cole came running in my room and asked me if he looked like Indiana Jones. When I told him he certainly did, he said "Yeah, but I'm not the real Indiana Jones. Cause he kisses a girl and I am not that Indiana Jones!"
See what I mean?
He saw me taking Cole's picture with his Indiana Jones hat on and came running in with this hat.

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Krystyn said...

The muscles picture is awesome.

And, whenever Izzy sees my camera, she thinks I must take a picture of her, too.