Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling lucky?

Let me start by saying I am NOT posting this for me to try and win anything, I just want someone I know to win something that I got to review.

I have been a regular poster for 3 Boys & a Dog for a couple months now. I regularly write the Freebie Friday post. I also get the chance to do some reviews.

I reviewed a fun Mealtime Manners Placemat, which I was VERY skeptical of at first, but ended up really liking. Anyways, along with the review is a giveaway. (I won't describe the placemat since that would just be redundant, it's all on the post here.)

You can win a placemat. (It's only $5, but hey, who doesn't like winning something?) To win the placemat you don't have to be a follower, subscriber or do anything on twitter (although you can do those for more entries). For one entry you just have to say what your biggest struggle is at mealtime. Just click here. It's kind of long, just scroll down.

I just wanted to share because I'd love for someone I know to win it! :) So just go do the first entry and then you can forget all about it. There are hardly any entries, so chances are real good. And for you that don't have kids, you can still enter - use it for TJ or Curtiss ;) until you have kids - or my boys would like another. (But I promise that wasn't why I wrote this! Promise!)

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