Tuesday, November 9, 2010

end of october recap (and picture overload)

 I had a crazy (and pretty lazy - although I'm pregnant so I can be :) last couple weeks so I'm cramming a few things into one big long post.

We went to a new pumpkin patch this year. They had a straw maze for the kids that our boys loved. And then we went out to pick pumpkins.

Trey wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins. Every time I tried to get him to hold one, he'd push it away in disgust. 

The boys love finding their perfect pumpkin

 They had fun wagon things to load the pumpkins up in that the boys loved pulling (or attempting to pull for Cole and Peyt) and especially riding in it with the pumpkins.

Seth pulling all 4 boys and all 6 pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins
Easton is making that very unattractive face to show his strong dislike of having to clean out the pumpkins. It took us way too long to force convince him to do it. He started out washing off his hand after each time he stuck it inside the pumpkin. Eventually he did clean it out on his own and hopefully next year he'll remember that it's not going to kill him.

We had cake for my 30th birthday the same night we carved the pumpkins. And Seth really put on 30 candles. So sweet of him, right? Luckily, it was a piece of cake :) to blow them out with all my helpers.

Peyton was Dash for Halloween. Here he is showing off some of his moves.

Trey before going out trick-or-treating
Trey right when we got home from trick-or-treating
Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the other two before we went out. Not being smart enough to realize that since it was cold and rainy, they'd rip off their wet costumes as soon as we got in the door. In my defense, I always take pictures of them after we've gone trick-or-treating, showing off all their candy while still in their costumes. Oh well, Cole was Darth Vadar and Easton was Batman, both of which were a couple sizes too big, so I'm sure they'll be them again in a couple years. :)


Vannessa said...

Oh my gosh your boys are cuter every time I see them!! I can't wait to hang out with them :)
The pumpkin patch looks so fun! And you look SO GOOD dez! What a fun month :)

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Such great pictures--what a fun month!

Amy said...

So miss you guys!