Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the terrific two's!!

Trey turned two. (What is that - an alliteration?)
Sometimes it seems crazy cause he's still like a baby. Other times he seems to be growing up so quickly.
He is saying new words every day. He's definitely learned how to tattle-tale.

He loves Brock so much. Sometimes too much. He gets mad if I take Brock away when he's trying to hug him - or more like smother.

He is so independent already. If there's something he wants, he tries his best to get it on his own. And almost always succeeds.

And he's already learned to whistle. :) (I have got to remember to not talk in videos)

And some pictures from his big day

Birthday Breakfast

Opening Presents

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dessert Nachos
Allow me to explain - We had Cole's friend party not so long ago and that cake lasted a while.
For Father's Day we had ice cream cake and there was still some in the freezer.
I was all caked out.
I made him a plate of dessert nachos. Yummy cinnamon chips with strawberries on top. Drizzled with chocolate. Normally Trey loves strawberries. But once he tasted the cinnamon and chocolate, he picked off the strawberries and licked the cinnamon and chocolate.

Didn't seem to miss the cake.


TJ Hendriksen said...

His whistle is funny! He is getting big!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

hahahaha the whistling!! SOOO funny!!! He looks so excited about his presents!! He really is getting so big! I love that you call it the "terrific" instead of "terrible" you are such a cute mom! I need you to write me a manual!!

Linda.BreAnne said...

ah he is so adorable!! i can't believe i forgot about his birthday! :( he's so cute trying to whistle!

Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

I saw that recipe on Ourbestbites and totally tried those nachos- sooo good! I've made them 3 times already with our left over tortillas! And wow, I can't believe he's 2. Such cute pics!!

Our Family said...

Love the nacho idea! That is great. What a cutie!

Melissa said...

You have such handsome little guys! I love the nacho idea - thanks! I don't think I'll wait for a birthday to make them for my big guys because they will want them now.

hapi said...
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Nicole said...

I have to agree with people above. Great looking boys and a nice blog! But WOW, FIVE boys! How do you handle it all??? Crazy! And major props to you!