Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 is heaven

 Just realized I never posted anything about Cole's birthday. That was almost 2 weeks ago. Oops.
Cole turned 7!! Ahhh! That seems so old. He's now counting down to being baptized and being in scouts. Oh, I'm so old.

We had an Olympic Party with some friends. I actually really love how everything went. The kids designed their own flags and then competed in a Decathalon in our backyard. They seemed to enjoy each event and recording their scores. We then had lunch and cake. It all completely wore me out. But he loved it - so that's all that matters.

Cole is quite the comedian. Always making us laugh. 
He is also so sweet and loving to his brothers. Always concerned about their feelings and making them happy. 
He is also a math wizard. Constantly impressing me with the problems he can solve.
He has also recently become so great at listening the first time. I. love. it. (Especially considering it wasn't long ago that Seth and I were wondering if he had a legitimate hearing problem. Haha!) He has truly become quick to obey. What a great quality! :) 

We are definitely a lucky family to have him!

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