Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am very happy to announce that Cole is no longer wearing diapers!! I kept waiting for him to decide he was ready. But after 3 straight nights of waking up with a completely dry diaper I decided his body was telling him it was time, even if he didn't think so. So on the 4th morning I quickly put him on the toilet as soon as he woke up, even though he resisted and kept denying that he had to go. But suddenly he started going and he looked at me with such shock and disbelief. It was so cute. He said, "I'm doing it, mom! I'm doing it!" That was Saturday and he's been in underwear since. (Well, pull-ups a few times, because I didn't want to risk an accident at church and other places.) We're still working on it, but for the most part he has been awesome. I'm so proud of him.

These are the boys 'jumping for joy' :) Really I just couldn't bring myself to put another picture of Cole on the toilet for all to see.

3 comments: said...

Yahoo for Cole! Just remind me not to let him sleep with me if they sleep over again. I still remember what happened with Easton!

The Allen Family said...

Yea, sorry again TJ, forgot about that. :) Although if you do have another sleepover, you shouldn't have to worry about Cole, night time is when he does best. :)

the Dewey's said...

YAY for Cole!!! It's so exciting when they finally get the potty thing down! Good job Dezi too! ;)