Friday, May 23, 2008

Things We Love This Week

Seth: Playing the guitar. It had been a while since he got any of his guitars out but got together with a friend and played last week. He came back way excited to write and learn more songs.

Dezi: Saving money while shopping! :) Last week I had two exciting shopping trips. I went to Albertsons loaded up with my coupons. I spent $44 and saved $228! I know I'm a huge nerd but that made me so excited. I also was able to get National Treasure 2 absolutely free at Circuit City. Woo hoo! :)

Easton: Laughing. Lately he has been asking me all the time, "Mom, please tell me something funny." or "Mom, make me laugh so hard, okay?" The other day I had the bath water running so I told him not to flush the toilet because that makes the bath water scalding hot. I said "If you flush the toilet then I'm going to tickle you," and he excitedly said, "Ooo, then I would love that so much."

Cole: Trying roller skating. We went to a fun center and Seth went straight to the roller skating counter. I was like "What in the world are you doing?" He got roller skates for the boys and said they were going to try. Easton almost fell over the minute he stood up so he didn't enjoy it too much. But Cole was ready to go skate all by himself the minute Seth strapped the skates on. Seth of course had to help him, but he seemed to really love it.

Peyton: Chocolate chip cookies. I gave him his very first chocolate chip cookie yesterday. Of course, he loved it. I was very surprised, his mess wasn't as big as I expected it to be. As soon as he finished he let me know that he was ready for another one. :)

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Dillon and Christie said...

I love reading these--they are so cute! I've always wondered about skating--at the elementary school in Grantsville they do skating Friday nights and I've thought about it but didn't know how they'd like it!

the Dewey's said...

I have to say that I enjoyed your comment on my Dear Abby post the mostest!
Plus, I love the cookie after picture! How cute is he? A true cookie monster in the making, or as my little girl would say "caw caw munser" (caw caw being cookie) Crazy word huh? I know, I get quite the looks sometimes.

Tiffany Turley said...

I love the "Things We Love This Week" idea! What a good way to remember things we are thankful for! Your family is so cute, Dez-Route! Love ya girl!