Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Coley Pokey!

I really can't believe you are already 3 years old! And what an amazing 3 year old you are! We are absolutely the luckiest family in the world to have you part of it.

Birthday Breakfast:

Opening a present (with the help of Easton, who very kindly offered to help so you won't get tired):

Getting ready to blow out candles:

Making a mess (one of your favorite things to do):

Top Ten Things We Love About Cole (in no particular order)

1. Your desire to be good. You even remind us to say the prayer for cupcakes.

2. Your sense of humor. Not a day goes by that you don't crack us up, when you asked dad something and he said "what?" you asked him "What are your ears made of? Cotton Candy?"

3. How smart you are. Not only can you already spell your own name but Easton's too.

4. How caring and kind you are. When dad asked you to be quiet so he could scare Easton, you said "No, don't do that, it might make him sad."

5. How protective you are of Peyton. You are always watching out for him and if he gets close to the top of the stairs you stop him, even if that means sitting on him.

6. Your memory. Not only do you have 5 Articles of Faith memorized already, but you can still recite any of them back to us.

7. You already love the church. After mom said a prayer for dinner you politely reminded her she forgot to bless President Monson.

8. Your willingness to say sorry. When Easton accused you of making a mess, you said "Yea. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Easton. What did I do?"

9. Your desire to help. When Easton had to pick up a big mess that he made, you asked mom if you could help him and when she told you yes, you ran over to Easton and said "Yea Easton! We get to work together!"

10. Your politeness. You say 'thank you' for everything without any reminder, and when someone doesn't say 'you're welcome' back to you, you will keep repeating 'thank you' until they do.


the Dewey's said...

Wow!!! What a smart and witty little 3 year old you have! I love the pancakes with the candle! That's a great idea!
Happy Birthday Cole!

Dillon and Christie said...

What a sweet boy he is--Happy Brithday Cole! said...

Cole is such a funny little kid! Every time I see him he seems to get bigger and bigger. I am not surprised that he wanted pancakes, that is all he wants when he sleeps over.

Tiffany Turley said...

Oh my! What an amazing little boy you have! I can't believe all of this, and he's only three! I think it's quite the testament to his amazing mother though, too! Glad all is well with you -- keep in touch! Love ya! :)