Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things We Love This Week

All of us: Playing outside! We cannot get enough of playing outside, no matter how hot it is. Peyton can be super cranky inside, but the minute we get outside he is as happy as can be. My boys ask to play in their little pool pretty much every day. Peyton is not a fan of getting in the water and I don't blame him. I stuck my foot in the other day and I couldn't stand it! I don't know how the boys enjoy it. Maybe I'll figure out a way to warm up the water. Peyton is getting the cutest little farmers tan ever! (I promise I always slather on the sunscreen, as is obvious from Easton and Cole still being so white even though they are outside almost every day.) I happen to be getting a fabulous tan on my feet. :) The boys also love playing baseball outside. Seth has been teaching Easton how to hit and the other day Cole was trying to hit a baseball off a tee, and Easton went up to him and said "No, Cole you have to hold your elbow up and stand here and look at the ball the whole time. Okay?" I guess he really has been listening to Seth.

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Dillon and Christie said...

You are so good to still go outside so much--I can't stand being so HOT right now (maybe cause I'm pregnant perhaps). Good job!