Friday, June 5, 2009

Phoenix Zoo (Don't worry - last post from Arizona)

This zoo is HUGE!! I think we probably walked 10 miles that day :), well, maybe just 3. It was really cool because the animals seemed to be in a much more natural habitat than good old Hogle Zoo (which we still love by the way, especially because our membership to that got us 50% off here). We walked through a forest area (seriously, it was not even paved and it made for a fun time trying to push a stroller), although we never could figure out what we were supposed to see there. They had a small water park in it, which unfortunately for our boys we didn't know about before arriving and they didn't want to get wet in their clothes. Or maybe it was us being mean - if we couldn't cool off, neither could they.
They had camel rides. Cole and I chose to stay away from the smelly thing, and surprisingly, when we tried to get Peyton on he totally freaked out. I was shocked because he loves all animals - well I guess not camels.

We saw a tiger climb up a huge tree (I had no idea tigers could climb like that). Not the greatest picture, but he was up super high, hiding in the branches and it was too hard to see him in a picture and then he just came down too fast.
We got to walk around an area where monkeys are free to jump all over. (This wasn't the area, the monkeys were much smaller - I believe they were Spider Monkeys.)
One of the places they had for kids to play around on

Yes, that is half of his snow cone on his shirt - I think he did it on purpose and I didn't blame him one bit
Super cool zoo, just not great to do on a hot day on Arizona. We went through the last third of the zoo super fast because all we could think about was jumping in the pool.


Curtiss & Ginger said...

oh my cute! That looks like it was tons of fun! I love the pics! I cant believe they rode a camel! yikes! I dont think I would dare to either....

Betsy said...

I love all the pics from your trip! It looks like it was sooo much fun. What a riot!

babysmama said...

Wow Looks like you all had a blast. Your brave or you have extremely great kids and a lot of patience. We took our 3 kids last summer to Niagra Falls and it was a disaster. To think of going on vacation again makes me twitch. Well I was 5 mths pregnant too so that didn't help.
This place your at looks for and educational.