Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 months old

I don't like saying how old he is out loud because that only makes me think about how fast time flew by and if the first six months went by that fast, it will only go faster until he's a year. :(

We all just adore our little Trey. He's so ticklish and happy all the time. I probably said it about my other boys, but this time I really mean it... I don't think there could be a better baby... ever!

Enjoy the picture overload. :)
Not the cutest angle, but I love his smile

One of the first times he discovered his feet

Trying food in a high chair for the first time


TJ Hendriksen said...

What a cute little nephew!! I am so excited for them to have a cousin that is close to them. Trey and our little baby will be pretty close in the same age and can be best friends!!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

I could stare at him all day everyday!!! He is so perfect and precious!! I cant wait for our Ugly Betty marathon and I will steal him while we watch it! :)

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

I Love his little stripped onesie!! My how fast they grow!!