Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowflake Ornaments

For Easton's class Christmas Party I volunteered to bring a craft for the kids to make and found a cute idea for making snowflake ornaments. I think they turned out so cute!

The top one is the one Aunt Vannessa made while she was at our house and the second in this picture is the one Easton made at school. (One of the best in his class :)
I had Cole and Peyton make some at home so I could take them to the school for examples. I didn't tell them what to do, just put the objects, glitter and glue on the table and let them have at it. :)

These are the 3 Peyton made all by himself! I didn't help him with glue or glitter. I was so amazed at what he did. If you notice in the top one, he even did little dots of glitter glue! He's only 2!

These are the 3 Cole made. I absolutely love the one with only buttons. So cute!!

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Hurst said...

Super cute! I'll have to do that this week:). Thanks for sharing!