Tuesday, August 2, 2011

some summer fun

I still can't believe it's August! The summer has flown by and I haven't done near as many things as I was planning on. My poor boys. Next year when I don't have such a small {nursing} baby, I am totally making it up to them. 

Here's a little bit of the few things we've been up to:

Baseball. Baseball. And more baseball. In May and June, both Easton and Cole were in baseball so we had games every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. Can't even imagine how it will be in a few more years.

Waiting for homemade baked donuts to bake. First recipe I tried was a complete failure - on the recipe's part, not mine. :) Second was actually quite yummy. Not as good as real ones, but anything is better fried, so I wasn't expecting anything TOO great.

Lighting and watching fireworks

 Seven Peaks. Many times. (Thanks to our Pass of All Passes. :)

Yes, I realize there are no pictures of Cole. I only remembered my camera one time and it happened to be the same day Cole was tripped (by someone who shall remain nameless) and got scraped up so he spent most the time out with me.

 Loving the Best. Baby. Ever. He is 3.5 months and already sleeping from 8:30 til at least 5, sometimes 6. So crazy to me. My other boys weren't doing that til at least 6 months, sometimes much later. And he just did it all on his own. I did nothing to try and help that happen, except maybe pray a lot. ;)

Peyton finally got to play some baseball. He was always asking me when he'd get to play and I was able to find a Start Smart Baseball for 3 year olds. He loved it.

Playing a whole lot together. We haven't turned the Wii on all summer long (except the first week when I decided I was not going to let the whole summer be like that) and I've loved seeing their imaginations go crazy. :) They've invented so many games and done so many things together that weren't happening when the Wii was on. Surprisingly there has also been a whole lot less fighting. I love everything about taking the Wii away. :) It is now just something we will only turn on when we're all playing together. Mario Kart anyone?
This is Trey's idea of playing with Brock. So sweet of Trey to include him.

I'm really hoping to take full advantage of the last 3 weeks we have before school starts and have lots more fun.


Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

So many fun pictures! And I love the new look on your blog and the new pictures of your kids! So cute!!! I agree with the Wii stuff, but with TV (since we don't have a Wii). My kids are so much happier it seems the less we watch!

AngiDe said...

Wow, your boys are getting SO big!!! Love the new look to your blog :0)

Curtiss & Ginger said...

I just about died looking at those pics!! I LOVE the one of Cole in his baseball uniform! I'm not gonna lie, I totally imagined it on his wedding video...haha! and why is Brock so HUGE?!?! :( I need to come see you guys more!